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CPN Encuentro 2022
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Please let us know your travel plans

To help the IPRC best prepare for your visit, please fill out and submit the form below 

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When will you arrive in Cuba?

Do you need a shuttle from the airport?

Accommodations in Havana

Would you like us to reserve a space for you at Luyanó/First Havana?

Transportation to/from the Encuentro in Matanzas

Havana to Matanzas

Will you ride with us on the bus from Havana to Matanzas on Thursday, November 10th?

Matanzas to Havana

Will you ride with us on the bus from Matanzas to Havana on Saturday, November 12th?

Will you be traveling to your partners in Cuba during this visit?

When will you depart from Cuba?

Do you need a shuttle to the airport?

Questions? Comments?

Thank you!
Your information helps the IPRC better plan for your stay.

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Encuentro in Cuba


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Please send an email
to Laura St. Clair, 

CPN Gathering Coordinator

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