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  1. Vaccination:  All U.S. participants must provide CPN a copy of their COVID vaccination card, showing a full series of immunizations and boosters, including any new booster recommended by the CDC and available this fall, with that booster ideally administered during the 4 weeks immediately prior to departure to Cuba.  Any individual who can’t be fully vaccinated per CDC guidelines, for medical or other reasons, will not be eligible to attend the Encuentro.

  2. Masks: All U.S. participants must wear a respirator-type mask at all indoor Encuentro functions, with the exception of eating or sleeping. 

  3. Testing: All U.S. participants must self-test for COVID within 24 hours of departing for Cuba.  Additionally, each participant must self-test each day while in Cuba for the Encuentro.  

  4.  Waiver of liability: All U.S. participants shall agree and affirm the waiver releasing the Network from liability (Note: participants accepted the conditions of the waiver, included below, with their agreement and affirmation statement).

  5. Withdrawal: Any registrant who is unable to comply with the above stipulations will be able to withdraw their application by August 1, 2022, by emailing, and they will receive a refund of their $300 deposit. Registrants who don’t exercise that withdrawal of application by August 1, 2022 affirm that they will adhere to the above requirements, or, as judged by the Network leadership, failing to adhere while traveling to or attending the Encuentro, agree to depart the Encuentro immediately, at their own expense. 



I understand The Cuba Partners Network (the “Network”) is sponsoring a  Mission Visit to Cuba, beginning Nov. 9, 2022.  In consideration for being allowed to participate, I understand and agree as follows:


1. I fully understand that participation in the Mission Visit may result in personal injury, sickness, death, loss, expense and other liability and other personal harmful effects and property damage, loss and other property harmful effects (all the foregoing being hereinafter called the “Harmful Effects”).  Although I fully appreciate the risks of Harmful Effects (the “Risks”), I desire to be allowed to participate in the Mission Visit.  I further ACKNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTAND THAT NO WARRANTY, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, is made by the Network regarding the Mission Visit, as to any conditions concerning the Mission Visit, THAT DANGEROUS CONDITIONS MAY EXIST AND THAT THIS DOCUMENT IS SUFFICIENT WARNING that travel to and from and my presence on the Mission Visit may expose me and my property to the Risks. I EXPRESSLY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS with the understanding that I am voluntarily exposing both my person and property to same.


2. For the privilege of being allowed to participate in the Mission Visit, I agree to fully release, indemnify and hold harmless the Network, its Steering Committee, agents, representatives, assigns, officers, leaders, affiliates, insurers, attorneys and all persons, natural or corporate, in privity with it or any of them (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Released Parties”), from any and all claims, causes of action, including any sort of Harmful Effects which arises out of or occurs to the undersigned or his or her personal property or minor child while participating in the Mission Visit and while involved in any activities associated with the Mission Visit, including but not limited to lodging, meals and other accommodations and travel to and from the Mission Visit, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER SAME MAY RESULT FROM THE RELEASED PARTIES’ NEGLIGENCE OR GROSS NEGLIGENCE. I further agree for myself, my heirs, successors and assigns THAT I WILL NOT MAKE ANY CLAIM OR INSTITUTE ANY SUIT OR ACTION AT LAW OR IN EQUITY AGAINST THE RELEASED PARTIES OR THEIR RESPECTIVE HEIRS, SUCCESSORS OR ASSIGNS. I further covenant and agree that I SHALL DEFEND, INDEMNIFY, AND HOLD HARMLESS THE RELEASED PARTIES FROM ALL SUCH CLAIMS, SUITS OR ACTION BROUGHT NOW OR IN THE FUTURE BY ANY PERSON CLAIMING BY, THROUGH OR UNDER ME.


3. I understand and agree that the Released Parties are not responsible for any loses or additional expenses that I may incur due to delay or changes in air travel or other services, sickness, weather, strike, war, quarantine, acts of God or other causes.  I understand that I will bear such losses or expenses, including damages incurred due to baggage loss and/or loss of personal possessions.


4. I understand and agree that I assume full responsibility for my own health and safety, including precautions against Covid-19. I understand that if I cannot attend the Mission Visit, the Mission Visit is cancelled, or if I am quarantined or excluded from the Visit due to Covid-19 or any other factors, I shall be responsible for full payment of any personal costs.


5. I agree that the terms of this Waiver, Indemnity and Release of Liability shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York and that jurisdiction and venue for any legal proceedings shall be in the courts of New York County, New York.

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